WATERS ACQUITY UPLC Online SPE Manager 186015012IVD Solid Phase Extraction LC/MS

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Manufacturer: WATERS

Model: ACQUITY UPLC Online SPE Manager (OSM)

P/N: 186015012IVD

S/N: J120SM002Z


WATERS ACQUITY UPLC Online SPE Manager OSM is a component necessary for Sample Preparation and Analysis. Due to Online SPE Manager OSM UPLC Mode is possible. Online SPE can be bypassed to allow UPLC operations. Waters the first UPLC-pressure enabled, analytical scale on-line SPE system, the time required for preparation and analysis, once measured in hours, has been reduced to minutes. This technology provides advanced data management capabilities to help improve analitical workflow. Can be used with a range of Waters high-performance optical and mass detectors - your laboratory will have the flexibility to analyze a wide variety of chemical compounds.
Key benefits for laboratory operations:

- Quality - Automated sample processing ensures reproducible results by eliminating manual variability.
- Throughput - sample analysis and preparation times reduced by up to 90%. Accomodate more samples and run them in less time.
- Flexibilty - Functions as an on-line SPE system and a stand alone UPLC system with multiple optical and mass spectrometer detection options. Maximize laboratory asset utilization.
- Cost - the use of significantly smaller sample volumes can reduce shipping costs from remote locations.
- Productivity - reduces sample processing time. Scientists can allocate more time to other laboratory tasks.

On-line SPE/LC/MS for the detection of:

- endocrine disruptors
- fungicides
- pesticides
- personal care products
- pharmaceuticals
- soft drink additives
- veterinary drug residues


Power: 95-240 V 350 VA 50/60 Hz

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The whole item is in excellent cosmetic as well as technical condition. It is 100% functional tested, runs as intended and is ready to be applied.

Hersteller: Waters
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