Waters Quattro Premier XE Triple Quad MS Mass Spectrometer LC/MS/MS

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Manufacturer: Waters

Model: Quattro Premier XE ( Tandem Mass Spectrometer / LC/MS/MS )

S/N: VAB 433 (DEC 2005)


The Micromass Quattro Premier provides a powerful platform for MS analyses, upon which total system solutions may be designed to maximize performance for your application.


  • Zspray - premium API interface for sensitivity and robustness
  • Compact size - uses only 18.9” (48 cm) of linear bench space
  • Sensitivity- Enhanced ion optics using T-Wave technology for high efficiency ion transmission
  • Fast analysis - T-wave collision cell for optimum performance at fast acquisition rates
  • Dynamic range - up to 5 orders of magnitude for accurate determination across a wide concentration range
  • DDA- Data Directed Analysis for intelligent, automated MS to MS/MS switching within a single analytical run
  • Integrated syringe pump- under Masslynx control
  • Gas flow control- software regulation of source and collision gases


  • IonSABRE APCI Probe- high performance APCI probe for enhanced sensitivity at high flow rates
  • APPI/APCI dual ionization source- Atmospheric pressure photo and chemical ionization in a single IET - Used Lab Equipment - Refurbished Analytical Laboratory Instruments analysis for the comprehensive analysis of nonpolar compounds
  • ESCi Multi-Mode Ionization Source- APCI and ESI in the same analysis for increased ionization coverage for a wide range of compound classes
  • MUX-technology- 4 way electrospray ionization interface for high throughput parallel analyses

Key Features:

- Triple Quad MS with Z-Spray Source
- ESI Probe
- Ionentunnel
- Whisper Detector
- 10-3000m/z
- Max. 10000 amu/s
- good alternative to API 4000/ 5000

Items delivered:

- Waters Quattro Premier XE Mass Spectrometer

The mass spectrometer is in used condition with traces of use. It comes out of running lab environment but we sell it without any guarantee.

Hersteller: Waters

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