Dionex Thermo UltiMate 3000 Photodiode Array Detector PDA PDA-3000 / Flowcell

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Manufacturer: Dionex

Model: UltiMate 3000 Photodiode Array Detector PDA-3000 & Column/Flowcell PDA 0,25 x 350

P/N (PDA-3000): 5080.0020
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YoM: 08/05/26

P/N (Column/Flowcell PDA): 6080.2400

The PDA-3000 is a high-resolution, 1024-element photodiode array detector (PDA) for use with UltiMate 3000 HPLC systems. The PDA-3000 is the first PDA to provide 1-nm resolution with the noise and drift performance previously available only in monochromator-based detectors. It operates with Chromeleon® softwareto provide a variety of spectra views, including 3-D plotting and automated chromatogram handling. The highresolution and low-noise performance of the PDA-3000 also make it ideal for the most sensitive and accurate library searches and peak purity analyses.


- Accurate compound confirmation with a 1024-element, 1-nm resolution, photodiode array
- Flexibility in both UV and Vis applications with 190–800 nm wavelength range
- Low-noise and high-energy distribution over the full spectral range using deuterium and tungsten lamps
- Fast and accurate wavelength verification using built-in holmium oxide filter
- Excellent reliability and reproducibility with low baseline drift (<500 µAU/h)
- Simplified routine maintenance with front access to pre-aligned cells and lamps
- Chromeleon software for full control and flexible data collection
- Four front-panel LEDs for easy monitoring of detector status to maximize uptime
- Alternate programmable data collection with four analog outputs
- Flow cells for micro to semipreparative flow rates
- Biocompatible flow cell option


- Optical System: Single-beam, reverse-optics design with concave holographic grating
- Photodiode Array: 1024-element
- Lamps:
Deuterium lamp (30 W) for ultraviolet spectrum analysis
Tungsten lamp (15 W) for visible spectrum analysis
- Spectral Resolution: 1 nm
- Pixel Resolution: 0.7 nm
- Wavelength Range: 190 to 800 nm
- Wavelength Accuracy: ±1 nm, self-calibration with deuterium lines, verification with built-in holmium oxide filter
- Noise with Analytical or Semipreparative Cell Installed:
<± 10 µAU at 254 nm, 2-second rise time, 4 nm; bandwidth and flowing water at 1.0 mL/min
<± 15 µAU at 520 nm, 2-second rise time, 10 nm; bandwidth and flowing water at 1.0 mL/min
- Drift: <1 mAU/h at 254 nm and 520 nm, and flowing water (after warm-up); typically < 500 µAU/h
- Absorbance Range: –2.7 (wavelength dependent) to 3.5 AU
- Linearity: Corr. Coeff. > 99.95 and < 3% RSD up to 1.5 AU; Typical Corr. Coeff. > 99.99 and < 2.5% RSD up to 1.8 AU
- Power Requirements: 85 to 265 VAC, 47 to 63 Hz auto-sensing; no adjustment necessary); Typical input power: 100 W; Maximum line draw: 3.5 A at 110 VAC at power-up
- Dimensions (h × w × d): 19 × 42 × 51 cm
- Control: All parameters and functions controlled by Chromeleon software; Chromeleon PC and detector connected via USB (Universal Serial Bus); 4 LEDs (Power, Run, Deuterium, Tungsten) for status monitoring
- Weight: 19 kg
- Decibel Level: <50 dbA during routine operation 56 dbA at power-up

Items delievered:

- Dionex UltiMate 3000 Photodiode Array Detector PDA-3000
- Column/Flowcell PDA 0,25 x 350


- The item is in excellent cosmetic condition, 100% functional tested and ready to be used.

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