Dionex ASI-100 Automated Sample Injektor HPLC P/N: 5810.0010

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Manufacturer: Dionex

Model: ASI-100 Automated Sample Injector HPLC

P/N: 5810.0010

S/N: 1220023


The autosampler of the ASI-100 series are designed for operations in analytical or preparative HPLC systems. The ASI-100 Automated Sample Injector is a highly flexible module for automating high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) methods. the autosampler, which allows independent processing of sequences and methods, was developed especially for routine analysis, offering minimum downtime and high reproducibility, even with lowest injection volumes.
The in-line injection principle (in which the needle itself is an integral part of the sample loop) enables variable injection volumes, excellent volume reproducibility, and minimal carry-over.
The autosampler is equipped with a carousel that is divided into three segments. The satndard carrier has three segments for 1.8 ml (cylindrical) vials (P/N: 5810.9101A)

!!! Please note that Dionex Thermostatted Column Compartment TCC-100 (please see therefore pictures) is not comprised in this offer and is sold separately !!!


The autosampler´s capabilities ere significantly enhanced compared to its predecessor series:
- Random vial access
- Variable injection volume for each sample
- Multiple-draw operation
- Several standards per analysis sequence
- Variable number of replicates per sample
These capabilities plus additional safety features, such as the electronic needle resistance cutout or automatic vial recognition, make the autosampler ideal for unattended routine implementation.


- Injection Volume: 1 - 250 µl in 0.1 µl increments
- Carry-Over: < 0.1 %
- Linearity: RSD < 0.5 %
- Min. required sample: 5 µl
- Wetted parts: stainless steel (1.4571/316SS), PCTFE, PTFE, PEEK, Vespel.
- In-/Outputs: 2x serial (RS232 A und RS232 B), MSV, Sample Position, Digital I/O
- Power requirements: 230 V/50 Hz
- Power Consumption: max. 126 VA
- Dimensions (w x d x h): 400 x 450 x 360 mm
- Weight: 17 kg

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- Dionex ASI-100 Automated Sample Injector HPLC


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