Zeiss Axioskop 50 Trinocular Fluorescence Phasecontrast Phasenkontrast Mikroskop

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Manufacturer: Zeiss

Model: Axioscope 50 upright trinocular Fluorescence Phase and Darkfield Research Routine Microscope w/ Condenser 

P/N (Axioscop 50): 45 14 85


Zeiss Axioscope 50 is an upright trinocular fluorescence phase and darkfield microscope with light path selector having an adaptable all-round stand for your routine and research applications. The latest developments of this initiative reflect the growing importance of fluorescence as a routine method. With outstanding quality, innovative solutions and its ability to be configured it meets requirements down to the smallest detail.

Items delivered:

- Zeiss Axioskop 50 Base
- 2x Zeiss Pl 10x/18 Widefield Eyepieces (P/N: 444132)
- Zeiss Sextuple Nosepiece / 6-Place-Nosepiece equipped with the following objectives:
- 10x/0.25na Achroplan Ph1 Objective (P/N: 440031)
- 40x/0.65 Achroplan Ph2 Objective (P/N: 440051)
- 100x/1.25 Achroplan Ph3 Objective (P/N: 440081)
- Zeiss Fluorescence Filterslider with Filtercubes (P/N: 446425)
- Zeiss HBO 50 illuminator with collector with transmitted light source (P/N: 447217)
- Zeiss 0.9 Turret Brightfield Phasecontrast Condenser with D, H, PH1-3 (P/N: 445237)
- Zeiss Transmitted-light filter slider with Lightstop, BG38 Filter and lightpass
- Power Cord


Microscope powers on and has been extensively tested. It is in 100% working condition. It comes with Zeiss Dust Cover (P/N: 415510-1901-000). Please see photos for details.

Hersteller: Carl Zeiss
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