Antek PAC 8060 HPLC-LCND Nitrogen Specific Detector Chemiluminescent Detektor

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Manufacturer: Antek

Model: 8060 Nitrogen Specific HPLC Detector (HPLC-CLND)

P/N: 8060

S/N: 07J-361


The 8060 HPLC Nitrogen Specific Detector (HPLC-CLND), manufactured by Antek, is a powerful tool for quantifying nitrogen-specific compounds and responds only to nitrogen-containing compounds and is ideal to use without derivatization. Best suited for working in conjunction with high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), such a system can detect very low levels of nitrogen-containing target compounds and/or compounds with unknown physical properties. The instrument is intended for basic research and method development. Combining the 8060 Detector with LC-MS instruments provides very simple quantitation of unknown analytes. This instrument can be combined with any existing HPLC system. The system is capable of both forward and reverse applications. The 8060 Detector uses Pyro-chemiluminescent technology to detect nitrogen containing compounds. This process oxidizes the nitrogen in any compound matrix and reacts the nitric oxide produced with ozone. The reaction emits a light which is detected and quantified. Light emitted is equimolar, meaning that a certain amount of nitrogen will always produce the same amount of light, regardless of chemical composition. This allows for the accurate quantification of any nitrogen-containing compound analyzed via this method. Accurate quantitation permits fast methods of development. Detection limits of the instrument are as low as 0.1 ng Nitrogen. Applications for this instrument include the detection of crude synthesis products and developing potency curves. Chemiluminescence is unique in that, unlike traditional methods like UV detection, no reference samples are required for the calibration of the detector. This is due to the detection being equimolar, and therefore eliminating the need for a purified reference for every single compound tested, making derivatization unnecessary. This saves time and effort that traditional methods would require.


- Power: 230 V 50/60 Hz 2 A

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