CAMAG AMD 2 Automated Multiple Development Chromatogram Module TLC HPTLC + Pump

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Manufacturer: CAMAG / Edwards

Model: AMD 2 Automated Multiple Development Chromatogram Developing Module TLC HPTLC Thin-Layer Chromatography + RV3 Pump

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CAMAG AMD2 System comprised of chromatogram developing module, standard accessories and represents High Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography, TLC / HPTLC. TLC/HPTLC differs from all other chromatographic techniques in the fact that in addition to stationary and mobile phases, a gas phase is present, which can significantly influence the result of the separation. The CAMAG Automated Multiple Development procedure allows High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography to be utilized for difficult analytical tasks that cannot be solved by isocratic HPTLC and could not be performed by TLC in the past.
Only the AMD 2 procedure can be successfully employed for reproducible gradient elution with silica gel as the stationary phase. In column liquid chromatography, gradient elution is common on reversed-phases only because a silica gel column would call for a time consuming reconditioning or be irreversibly degraded, which is not acceptable in a technique depending on multiple use of the stationary phase. In High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography this is not relevant.
The principle of the CAMAG AMD procedure:
- The HPTLC plate is developed repeatedly in the same direction.
- Each successive run extends over a longer solvent migration distance than the one before.
- Between runs, the solvent is completely removed from the developing chamber and the layer is dried under vacuum.
- Each successive run uses a solvent of lower elution strength than that of the one used before. In this way, a stepwise elution gradient is formed.
- The combination of focusing effect and gradient elution results in extremely narrow bands. Their typical peak width is about 1 mm. This means that, within the available separation distance of 80 mm, up to 40 components can be completely resolved, i.e. with base line separation.
The AMD 2, like other computer controlled CAMAG instruments, communicates with winCATS. The gradient, made from up to 5 solvent bottles, is defined by input into a table in winCATS. Gradient and developing distance for each run are graphically displayed for verification. All individual runs of the developing program are performed fully automatic and monitored by winCATS.
The AMD 2 system is to be operated with an óil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump RV3 (Edwards), including gas ballast/oil return, oil vapor filter, flexible vacuum hose 1 m, ready to connect to the CAMAG AMD 2 System.

Fields of application:

Pharmaceutical applications
- Quality control
- Content Uniformity Test (CUT)
- Identity- and purity checks
- Stability tests, etc.
- Identification
- Stability tests
- Detection of adulteration
- Assay of marker compounds, etc.
Clinical applications
- Lipids
- Metabolism studies
- Drug screening
- Doping control, etc.
Food and feed stuff
- Quality control
- Additives (e. g. vitamins)
- Pesticides
- Stability tests (expiration), etc.
- Identity of raw material
- Preservatives, coloring materials, etc.
- Screening for illegal ingredients, etc.
Industrial applications
- Process development and optimization
- Process monitoring
- Cleaning validation, etc.
- Water
- Soil
- Residue analysis, etc.
- Detection of document forgery
- Investigation of poisoning
- Dyestuff analyses, etc

Features and specifications:

- Multiple development in the same direction with increasing solvent migration distances using a solvent strength gradient
- Enhanced separation capacity with baseline separation of up to 40 components
- Separation power improved over regular HPTLC development by about factor 3
- Data input and monitoring through winCATS
- Utilizing time outside working hours if required
- Electrical: 230 V, 50/60 Hz; 1.0A T; 60 W

Items delivered:

- CAMAG AMD 2 Automated Multiple Development Chromatogram Developing Module
- Edwards RV3 Pump
- HPTLC plates RP-18 F254S pre-coated with concentrating zone (25 plates 10x20 cm for nano-TLC concentrating zone 2.5 cm x 20 cm)
- HPTLC plates 20 x 10 cm Cellulose F, 50 plates (1.15036.)
- HPTLC glass plates 10 x 20 cm TLC Cellulose F, 50 plates (1.05728.0001)
- Documentation
- Instruction Manual
(Please see pictures for more details)


The AMD 2 System is very complete and in very good cosmetic as well as working condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be operated.

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