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Manufacturer: Leica (Leitz Wetzlar), Germany

Model: DM RB Type 301-371.010 (P/N 501007)

S/N: 178430


The Leica Leitz DM RB microscope provides enhanced object identification by using fluorescence illumination. It also allows bright and darkfield illumination 
techniques, phase contrasts, and condenser height adjustment.  

Complete Configuration of the Leica (Leitz) DM RB:

Leica HC FSA 25 PR Trinocular Phototube/ Head with 3 Position Beamsplitter (P/N 551001)
Leica L Plan 10x/25 Br. M Eyepieces/Oculars (P/N 506800)
Leica  Sextuple (6x) Nosepiece (M25 Threads) equipped with the following Objectives:
- Leica PL Fluotar 5x/0.12 8/-/B Objective (P/N 506001)
- Leica PL Fluotar 10x/0.30 PH1 8/0.17/A Objective (P/N 506010)
- Leica PL Apo 20x/0.60 PH2 8/0.17/B Objective (P/N 506039)
- Leica PL Apo 40x/0.75 PH2 8/0.17/D Objective (P/N 506040)
- Leica PL Fluotar 100x/1.30 PH3 8/0.17/D Objective (P/N 506017)
Leica X/Y Mechanical Stage, Right Hand, with Slider Holder and
Leica S1 Condenser 0.90 (P/N 501000) and Condenser Base (P/N 501012)
Leica 5-position Condenser Turret w/ Inlays D, DS1, 1S1, 2S1,3S1 (P/N 501010)
Leica Fluorescence Filter Turret equipped with the following Filter Cubes
- Leica Filter Cube A  (UV Exication) (P/N 513804)
- Leica Filter Cube I3 (Blue Exication) (P/N 513808)
- Leica Filter Cube N2.1 (Green Exication) (P/N 513812)
Leica Diaphragm Module (P/N 505503)
Leica Lamphouse 106 with 12V 100W Halogen Illumination
Leica Lamphouse 106 with 100W Fluorescence Illumination

The Camera Controller for the MPS28 and MPS38 Cameras is not included.

Items delivered:

- Leica DM RB Fluorescence Microscope
- Leica Illumination Power Supply
- Instruction and Service Manual as PDF via E-Mail

The Leica DM RB is in good cosmetic condition and it’s fully functional tested.
Ready for your needs!

Hersteller: Leica

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