Mettler Toledo AT400 Analytical Balance Analysewaage 405g 0.1mg FACT 1115500786

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Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo

Model: AT400 Analytical Balance 405g 0.1mg FACT

S/N: 1115500786


The AT400 Analytical Balance has Fully Automatic Calibration Technology (FACT) and motorized (or manual) movement of glass doors. It has been designed with careful attention paid to maintaining compatibility with previous models; there should be no need to rewrite existing applications. Superb results may be attained by making full use of the potential that the balance its interface offer. More than thirty commands help solve even tough problems.
The FACT detects automatically when the balance exceeds the permitted tolerance range and calibrate the balance utilizing 2 internal weights. Except of usual internal calibration, the proFACT fulfills linearity self-calibration. In addition to the FACT, the balance has menu operated calibrations: motorized internal calibration with linearization by the built in weights and external calibration by 400g weight.
Balance operating menu allows to adapt the balance to weighing conditions, select calibration function, weighing process adapter, repeatability, auto zero correction, primary and alternative weighing units and interface output parameters. The balance draft shield consists of 3 glass doors: top door, left side door and right side door. The each side door can be engaged with the top door to move together or each side door can be moved separately. There is one touch button or auto motorized movement of the doors or they can be moved manually.


- Standard asynchronous serial format
- Baud rate and parity freely selectable
- Bidirectional data transfer
- Break recognition
- Galvanic isolation
- RS-232 and 20 mA current loop
- Several handshake modes
- 7-bit ASCII character set
- Extensive command set – access to virtually all balance parameters
- Easy connection to printers and computers


- Readability: 0.1 mg
- Weighing capacity: 405 g
- Taring range (by subtraction): 0…405 g
- Linearity: ± 0.5mg
- Stabilization time (typical) variable with vibration adapter: 4, 6, 10 s
- Built-in calibration weights: 2 x 100 g
- Calibration FACT: Fully automatic motorized self-calibration with two built-in weights (manual triggering also possible). Test possibility to check the calibration.
- Calibration with external weight: 400 g
- Display with METTLER Deltatrac: VFD (vacuum fluorescent)
- Display sequence: 0.2...0.4 s variable
- Sensitivity drift (5...40°C): Maximum deviation with automatic self-calibration ±0.00015%, (with automatic self-calibration switched off) 1 ppm/°C
- Linearization: Automatic self-linearization of the weighing curve (simultaneously with motorized calibration FACT)
- Weighing pan feedthrough for below-the-balance weighing: 80 x 80 mm; stainless steel
- Weight:  9.3 kg

Items delivered:

- Mettler Toledo AT400 Analytical Balance 405g 0.1mg FACT
- Power Supply
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail


The balance is in excellent condition. It was extensively tested with our calibration weights (please see therefore pictures) and it is ready for your application.

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