Thermo Heraeus Vacutherm VT 6060 M Vakuumtrockenschrank 200°C Vacuum Oven + Pump

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Manufacturer: Thermo Heraeus

Model: Vacutherm VT 6060 M inkl. 2 shelves + Vacuubrand PC 2001TE Vario w/ CVC 2000 II Controller

P/N: 51003993

S/N: 94103707


The Thermo Scientific Vacutherm Vacuum Oven Model M VT 6060 M with Jacket Heating, rated temperature of 200°C and chamber size of 53L dries up to six times faster than conventional vacuum heating and drying units. You minimize operation time with outstanding heat transfer and fast heat up. It is a vacuum drying oven with stainless steel chamber, vacuum fittings, tubing and ball valve, designed for gentle drying of heat-sensitive samples and have adjustable temperature limit protection, protection Class 2 (DIN 12880, Part 1).

Front settings of the device:

- Analog pressure display up to 1000 mbar
- Rapid ventilation valve for quick ventilation of the chamber
- Temperature controller with analog interface and digital display of set or actual temperature
- Temperature analog pre-set
- Digital load temperature display:
Temperature measured directly at load
Temperature of load shown at front control panel of oven with flexible Pt 100 temperature sensor
External temperature recorder can be connected

Typical applications:

- Food industry: Determination of the solid content of foods. Samples are typically dried under vacuum at around 60°C
- Pharmaceutical industry: Gentle drying of raw materials and determination of solid content. Samples are dried under vacuum at 60?80°C.
- Other Industries
- Research

Sample applications:

- Gentle drying of heat-sensitive materials
- Fast drying
- Residue-free drying of intricately designed parts
- Elimination of oxidation associated with heat treatment
- Targeted recovery of degassed products
- Drying of powders
- Drying at high temperatures


- The large direct contact heating elements are reinforced at the front to help ensure a homogeneous temperature across on the shelf
- An double-pane door made of safety glass helps to ensure implosion protection and is designed to add additional safety for the user
- With heating systems that are designed to provide temperature uniformity and reproducible drying and heat treatment
- Jacket-heating results in reduced heating-up times. Process times are up to six times faster than in conventional drying ovens
- The vacuum chamber has electropolished surfaces and rounded corners, and is therefore easy-to clean


- Temperature range: ambient +15...200 °C
- Capacity: 53L
- Convection type: Air jacket system
- Heating technology: Jacket heating
- Temperature control and display: PID control, digital display
- Attainable vacuum: 0,01 mbar
- Vacuum leak rate: <0,01 mbar/sec
- Material of inner chamber: SS
- Shelving: Aluminum Shelves
- Shelves supplied (max.): 2 (4)
- Max. load per shelf: 20 kg
- Int.: 415 × 371 × 345 mm
- Ext.: 744 × 570 × 576 mm
- Power requirements: 230 V 50/60 Hz 7,4 A 1,7 kW

Manufacturer: Vacuubrand

Model: PC 2001TE Vario w/ CVC 2000 II Controller

S/N: 29260104 - 291999

YoM: 11.2006


The Vacuubrand PC 2001 Vario Vacuum Pump and CVC 2000 II Controller represent a speed-controlled chemical pumping station, vacuum technology as a system.

Components of the device:

- Pump MD 1C VARIO
- Gas ballast
- Controller CVC 2000 II
- Emission capacitor with insulating jacket
- VSK 5 pressure transducer
- Pressure relief valve on the emission condenser
- Inlet (vacuum connection)
- Round bottom flask for condensate collection


- Short process time due to uniformly high evaporation rate
- Also for high-boiling solvents through a final vacuum of up to 2 mbar
- Effortless reproducibility for simple and complex applications thanks to storable process flows
- Proven durability even in rough operation


PS 2001 Vario:
- Max. Pumping speed (close to ISO 21360): 1.6 m3 / h
- Final vacuum (absolute) for "continuous pumps HI": 2 mbar
- Final vacuum with gas ballast (absolute) for "Dazerpumpen HI": 4 mbar
- Max. Permissible back pressure at the outlet (absolute): 1.1 bar
- Max. Permissible pressure (absolute) at the gas ballast: 1.2 bar
- Speed: 0-2200 min-1. In the speed range 0-350 min-1, the pump runs automatically in timed interval mode.
- Nominal current consumption at 230V, 50/60 Hz: 0.7 A.
- Power consumption: 0.16 kW
- Motor protection: temperature sensor on the board (current limitation)
- Degree of protection: IP 20
- Inlet: hose nozzle DN 6/10
- Outlet: hose nozzle DN 10
- Dimensions: (L x W x H): 316 x 295 x 472 mm

CVC 2000 II:
- Pressure transducer: external, capacitive absolute pressure transducer made of aluminum oxide ceramic
- Pressure display / scaling (switchable): mbar. Torr or hPa
- Measuring range: 1 mbar - 1100 mbar (1 Torr - 825 Torr)
- Max. Pressure control range: 1 mbar - 1060 mbar (1 Torr - 795 Torr)
- Setting range of the rotating field frequency: 1.0 - 60 Hz in 0.5 Hz steps, "HI" (max. 75 Hz)
- Degree of protection pressure sensor according to IEC 529: IP 54
- Max.permissible pressure at the pressure transducer (absolute): 1.5 bar (1125 Torr)
- Max. Media temperature at the pressure sensor (gas): briefly up to 80 ° C
- Interface: RS 232 C

Items delivered:

- Thermo Heraeus Vacutherm VT 6060 M inkl. 2 shelves
- Vacuubrand PC 2001TE Vario w/ CVC 2000 II Controller
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail request


The Thermo Heraeus Vacutherm VT 6060 M is in used but good condition. The The Vacuubrand PC 2001 Vario Vacuum Pump and CVC 2000 II Controller is in very good cosmetic condition. Both units function as intended, have a good working and technical condition being 100% functional tested. The entire system is ready for you to use.

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