Agilent/Varian Binary DAD LCMS/MS 320-MS Quadrupol Mass Spectrometer + Computer

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Manufacturer: Varian (now AGILENT)

Model: Varian HPLC Binary Gradient with PDA/DAD & 320-MS Quadrupol Mass Spectrometer (2009)


The 212-LC LC/MS (liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry) pump is designed to meet the needs of scientists working in a variety of application areas ranging from environmental to pharmaceutical. The 212-LC is an advanced low delay volume chromatography pump ideal for laboratories performing research or routine LC/MS analyses with industry-standard 2 mm columns. Typical applications include the analysis of trace level compounds in foods, environmental samples and in biological matrices where high sensitivity, high throughput and precise quantitation are critical.

The 320-MS delivers high sensitivity with low noise and less maintenance. The patented API interface, with its dual off-axis needle and capillary provides efficient desolvation with minimum contamination. A high performance skimmer and quadrupole ion guide allow maximum ion transmission for outstanding signal intensity. Varian’s patented 180º curved collision cell provides additional noise reduction for difficult matrices. You get the benefits of a detector that is off-axis to the source without the use of a conversion dynode.


- Switch from LC to GC interface and back again   
- Change ionization modes between ESI and APCI   
- GC sources include: EI, PCI and NCI   
- Single Quad to Triple Quad upgrade   
Flexible, Rugged, Sensitive   
Varian’s patent pending, computer-controlled gas temperature (SelecTemp™) and flow (SelecFlow™) give you the flexibility to develop methods with greater ruggedness and sensitivity. An integrated syringe pump and six port valve, with time-programmable software control, accelerate method development.   
Sensitivity When You Need It   
When we say femtogram sensitivity, we mean it. Whether you’re doing simple flow injection with the built-in syringe pump (Figure A), or on-column analysis using the new 212-LC pumps (Figure B), you’ll be impressed with the 320-MS sensitivity.    
Specifications 212 Pumps:

Specifications Gradient Flow rate: 100 µL/min to 2 mL/min (0.001 mL/min increments)
Flow precision: ±1.5 % Flow accuracy: ± 1% or ± 1 µL/min whichever is greater
Gradient composition accuracy: < ±1% absolute (10% step test, water @ 200 µL/min 2000 psi)
Gradient composition precision: < ±1% absolute (10% step test, water @ 200 µL/min 2000 psi)
Pressure Pulsation: <1.0% ? P/P (200 µL/min, 2000 psi)
Maximum pressure: 400 Bar (6000 psi)
Maximum gradient flow rate: 2.0 mL/min

Specifications 420 Autosampler:

Sample capacity: Standard 96 x 1.8 mL vials, 12 vials per segment
Injection volume: 1 to 1,000 µL
Injection methods: Loop overfill, partial loop fill, µL pick-up with no sample loss
Replicate injection number: Up to 9
Needle wash: User programmable, 300 – 9,999 µL, Separate needle wash port and waste
Wash solvent: 250 mL integrated wash solvent bottle
Syringe dispenser: 100 µL, 250 µL (standard), 500 µL or 1,000 µL
Vial detection: Missing Vial detection through vial sensor
Reproducibility: • Loop Overfill: less than 0.3% RSD
   • Partial Loop: fill less than 0.5% RSD for injection volumes greater than 5 µL
   • Microliter Pick-up: less than 1.0% RSD for injection volumes greater than 5 µL
Carryover: Less than 0.01% with needle wash
Minimum sample volume:  • Partial loop fill injections: 35 µL
   • Pick-up injections: 5 µL

Specifications 320-MS:

Mass Range: 0 to 2000 m/z
Scan Speed: 6000 amu/sec
Mass Spectrometer Type: Quadrupole Mass Analyzer (single and triple)
Resolution: unit mass over the entire range   
Linear dynamic range: up to 105, compound-dependent based upon analytical methods   
Mass axis stability: ±0.1 Da over 24 hours   
Manifold temperature: independent control; 30 ºC to 50 ºC   
Ion detector: positive or negative ions, constant 5 kV post acceleration voltage   
Single quadrupole modes: Q1MS for Selected Ion Monitoring (SIM) and Full Scan   
Triple quadrupole modes: Q1MS and/or Q3MS for SIM or Full Scan, Precursor Scan, Product Scan, Neutral Loss Scan, and Selected Reaction Monitoring (SRM)   
Turbomolecular pump: dual stage, 310/400 L/sec, air cooled   
High efficiency electron multiplier: 170 ms Positive to Negative switching time   
Adjustable dwell times: 2-14,000 ms software defined per transition

Specifications 335-Photodiode Array Detector:

Wavelength range: 190 to 950 nm
Wavelength accuracy: ± 1 nm, 656
D2 line, verified with the 486 D2 line
Light Source: D2 and Quartz Halogen
Spectral resolution/optical bandpass: <1 nm per photodiode with a total of 1024 photodiodes for single array and 2048 photodiodes for dual array
Digital resolution: 1 nm
Linearity range: £ 5% to 2 AU, > 2.5 AU upper limit
Noise: ± 1x10-5 AU
Drift: 1x10-3 AU/hr
Sensitivity setting range: 1 µAU to 100 AU with software
Filter setting range: via software
Slit width: 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16 nm, programmable
Diode width: <1 nm Environment
Operation: 10 0C to 35 0C; relative humidity from 5% to 95%
Non-operational storage: -20 0C to 65 0C
Dimensions and Weight Size: 8.3 in./21.1 cm (h) x 11.7 in./29.6 cm (w) x 18.7 in./47.7 cm (d)
Weight: 34.2 lb/15.5 kg

Items delivered:

- Varian 320-MS Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer
- Varian 212-LC Binary Gradient Pump
- Varian 420 Autosampler
- Varian 335-PDA (Photodiode Array Detector)
- AGILENT MS40+ Rotary Vance Vacuum Pump
- AGILENT TriScroll 600 Vacuum Pump
- Computer with MS Workstation pre-installed and ready for Operation
- All Connection & Power Cables

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