Berthold HPLC Radioflow Detector LB 509 Scintillator Pump LB 5035 Luminescence

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Manufacturer: Berthold

Model: Radioflow Detector LB 509 w/ Scintillator Liquid Chromatography Pump LB 5035

Id.: 29530-10 LB509-230 and 35720 LB 5035-3

S/N (LB 509 Detector): 178732-1283

S/N (LB 5035 Pump): 176690-2085


The Radioflow Detector LB509 can be used to detect radiolabelled compounds by flow-through monitoring using HPLC.  It can detect all isotopes, including alpha, beta and gamma radiation, and is also suitable for PET applications. For admixture applications, an additional liquid scintillator pump is integrated. This Detector offers the widest range of flow cells for all types of radioisotopes and applications, including high pressure cells (HPLC/MS), microbore, gamma, Cerenkov, and unique YG solid scintillator types.  The flow cell is positioned between the photocathodes of two highly sensitive 2" photomultiplier tubes operating in coincidence in the same way as a conventional liquid scintillation counter.


- Electrical supply: 230 VAC; Hz 50/60; 75/80 VA
- Weight: 39 kg

Items delivered:

- Berthold Radioflow Detector LB 509 w/ Scintillator Liquid Chromatography Pump LB 5035
- Documentation incl. Service-Reports


The entire system is in excellent cosmetic as well as operating condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be applied.

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