VWR VisiScope IT404 Inverted Phasecontrast Microscope 4x 10x 20x 40x Moticam 5.0

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Manufacturer: VWR

Model: VisiScope IT 404 inverted phasecontrast microscope with IOS objectives PL 4x, PH 10x, PH 20x, PL 40x + Moticam 5.0MP

P/N: 630-1575

S/N: 3597 16


VisiScope IT 404 inverted microscope offers a complete solution for your brightfield observations. The IT 404 inverted microscope is equipped with a full set of objectives that covers most standard applications. A mechanical stage is included along with 4 objectives (4x and 40x for brightfield; 10x and 20x for phase contrast).
The light ring of the adjustable phase contrast slider is pre-centered when the microscope leaves the factory. It should therefore need no further adjustment. If a re-centering is needed, it can be performed via the two side bolts. The 4X/10X light ring must be used with 4X and 10X phasecontrast objectives, the 20x/40x light ring with the 20x and40x and the opening is used for bright field.
The Moticam 5 is an attachable digital C-mount camera with CMOS-Sensor and it features a 5MP live resolution capability along with:
- Live resolution: 5.0MP (2592x1944)
- Optical calculation: 1/2,5"
- Output: MiniUSB
- Focusable lens: 12mm
- 2 variable diameter eyepiece adapters
- Macrotube for specimens observation
- Motic Images Plus 2.0 for PC and MAC
- Motic 4-dot calibration slide


- Ergonomic:
Every control is easy to reach and every component has been designed with ease of use in mind. Focusing and specimen movement controls allow the wrists to rest on the bench. Light intensity adjustment is placed very close to the focusing knobs. The specimen stage is fitted with a special glass insert that allows you to see the objectives for immediate identification of the magnification set-up. An ergo head allows compensation for operator height.
- Efficiency:
Plan achromatic, infinity corrected optics, bright 8 W LED illuminator, phase contrastset, holders for specimen slides, flasks, Petri dishes, trinocular head for photo/ video applications. These are the features of IT 404, a powerful, complete and innovative instrument, designed to set a reference standard for routine and advanced tissue culture.
- User comfort:
The 22 mm extra widefield optics are pleasant to use minimising operator stress. The special eyepieces are designed for eyeglass wearers.


- Optical system:
Infinity corrected IOS, 45 mm parfocality distance - field number 22 mm.
- Head:
Trinocular: 30° inclined, 360° rotating, interpupillary distance: 48 - 75 mm. Adjustable dioptric compensation. Ergonomic height compensation.
- Eyepieces:
Extra widefield 10x/22 mm, high point.
- Nosepiece:
5 positions, with bi-directional rotation on ball bearings and click stop.
- Objectives:
Long working distance (LWD) infinity corrected (IOS) plan achromatic: 4x/0,10 (working distance 18 mm), phase contrast 10x/0,25 (working distance 10 mm), phase contrast 20x/0,40 (working distance 5,1 mm), 40x/0,60 (working distance 2,6 mm), corrected for 1,2 mm cover glass.
- Specimen stage:
Size: 250x230 mm. Translator with lowered ergonomic coaxial controls. X-Y translation: 119x70 mm. Interchangeable metallic inserts for specimen slides, Petri dishes and flasks.
- Focusing system:
Macro and micrometric regulation with coaxial knobs on both sides of the stand. Adjustable tension.
- Condenser:
Long working distance condenser, numerical aperture 0,30, working distance 72 mm. The condenser can be removed in order to increase the working distance to 150 mm.
- Illumination system:
P-LED system, with adjustable intensity filter, phase ring holder and aperture diaphragm.

Items delivered:

- VisiScope IT 404 inverted phasecontrast microscope
- Objective LWD IOS plan achromatic 4x/0,10 (WD 18 mm): 630-1761
- Objective LWD IOS plan achromatic phase contrast 10x/0,25 (WD 10 mm): 630-1762
- Objective LWD IOS plan achromatic phase contrast 20x/0,40 (WD 5,1 mm): 630-1763
- Objective LWD IOS plan achromatic 40x/0,60 (WD 2,6 mm): 630-1764
- Moticam 5.0MP (S/N: 13014035)


This inverted microscope is in excellent cosmetic condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be applied.

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